What would you suggest for 18th and Commercial?

Here’s a snapshot of a row of town homes send to CCAN on May 14th by a neighbor who opposes the apartment block style of the current project on East 18th Avenue. Something ground oriented like this would add much needed family rental housing  to the neighbourhood.Town home Polygon








The next five photos below are of an attractive townhouse project on East 17th Avenue near Quebec.

townhouse65 townhouse64 townhouse63 townhouse61 townhouse60

The image below was taken from the City’s web page describing this rezoning policy.  Row House

We’ve seen what The Developer wants to build here, we don’t like it. The City Planning Dept has said they don’t like it either, but they haven’t yet told us what they envision instead.  We haven’t told them what we would prefer either. What do you think?

I like attractive row houses like these ones  from 20th and Knight. I like these other townhouses a couple of blocks away. Both styles add density while still reflecting the character and style of the neighbourhood.

So, this is your invitation to submit a photo of a housing form that appeals to you. What would you like to see here? We can start having a discussion of these ideas at the next meeting May 7th 2016.

2 Responses to What would you suggest for 18th and Commercial?

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  2. Lady Pepper says:

    Most people don’t realize what a hidden jewel 18th and Commercial is. This is a treasure; cool, forested, fresh oxygen. These are the trees that need protection from development. No developer should touch this. The city can preserve this as park space. I say there should be a moratorium on John Hendry Park expansion. The park land acquisition strategy is to buy up houses that back up onto parks, spending $10’s of millions to demolish homes and plant grass! 18th and commercial should be a small natural green space. The City should Sell 3030 Victoria back to the residential market, and buy/preserve 18th and Commercial. Leave it as natural as possible!!!

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