Grandview-Woodland Community Plan goes to Council

Sign up now to speak to Council Wednesday, July 27th!!

This Grandview-Woodland Community Plan encroaches on the Kensington-Cedar Cottage Community Vision north of Broadway.. this should be opposed!

Now is the time to act!

Please sign up to speak on the proposed Community Plan at next Wednesday’s Council meeting at City Hall. The meeting begins at 9:30.  Council needs to hear from YOU  about what you think about what is being proposed for our neighbourhood.  No one else can represent your interests as effectively as you can!

* To  learn about GWAC’s position, &
* For tips about speaking at Council go to the Grandview-Woodland Area Council website at

* Here’s the page about this particular meeting on the City website

GWAC encourages you to do this NOW!
People speak in the order in which they sign up.


Subject line: Request to speak to City Council
Body of message:

Hello. I am requesting to speak to City Council at a meeting.
Meeting date: July 27
Meeting type: Policy & Strategic Priorities Standing Committee
Agenda item number1
:My organization’s name (optional): Resident
Agenda item title: Grandview-Woodland Community Plan

Thank you,   [Enter your full name]

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1 Response to Grandview-Woodland Community Plan goes to Council

  1. BrianBruise says:

    Hi Lee and friends,

    For what it’s worth here’s a recent comment on CBC website. The article was about pipelines and a discussion about the Kinder Morgan protest on Saturday.

    “As you can see, I’m a strong supporter of the movement to stop Kinder Morgan. Nevertheless, Gregor Robinson likes to pick and choose his populist causes.

    As one who opposed an overly large development in my neighbourhood with all kinds of perks provided to the developer with no onus to give a few amenities back to the neighbourhood, I saw this first hand as one of many examples of Gregor and the rest of the Vision team rubber stamping every one of zoning changes requested by developers.

    He must suffer from cognitive dissidence if he can’t see how his own rational and just stand on Kinder Morgan might be steamrolled over by a higher power than the municipal – the Feds – just like Vancouver City Council steamrolled local neighbourhood organizations and individuals.”

    Brian Waite

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