Council Approves Rezoning at 3365 Commercial Drive and 1695-1775 East 18th Avenue

To absolutely no-one’s surprise, on Tuesday afternoon City Council voted 10-1 to approve the Cressey rezoning proposal for 3365 Commercial Drive and 1695-1775 East 18th Avenue with only Green Councillor Adrian Carr voting to reject it.

As always, Councillor Carr carefully weighed the various arguments brought forth by speakers and concluded, correctly, that this proposal was deeply flawed. Not the least of these flaws was the fact that it failed in a number of ways to conform to the policies designated to enable it to be built.

Equally as predictably, the rest of Council completely ignored the policy failures, the wanton destruction of trees, and all the issues presented by opposing speakers only to fall back on their one trick, the same mantra repeated ad nauseum by the speakers who supported the project at the Public hearing, “We need more rental housing”.

One of the failures in policy is the broken promise to spread these projects across the city, not to cluster them in one neighbourhood. In an ironic twist the people of this neighbourhood woke up today to a notice from The City informing us of a new six storey Rental 100 project proposed for the 3000 block of Commercial Drive. So that will make five within a six block radius, or is it six, I’ve lost count.

This result once again raises the question, what is the point of spending all that money creating policies and guidelines and holding Public hearings, wasting everyone’s time, when Council pays no attention to any of it and votes based on a predetermined rigid ideology? This money could be put to better use. Anything would be better.

On another note, I heard today that Grandview Woodland has a new Community Plan. I just want to scream at the top of my lungs, “DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!”. The people making the decisions are developers and City Council. The Community Plan, whatever it says, and I won’t waste the time to read it, means nothing, just like the Mount Pleasant Community Plan meant nothing.

We’re living in a virtual dictatorship in Vancouver and barring a revolutionary change at City Hall we all may as well just learn to live with it.

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