Second Email to City Manager re: Voiding of May 24th Public Hearing

Dear Mr. Johnston

We are writing this as an open letter which we will post to our website.

We are contacting you again about Council’s decision at a Council meeting on May 31, 2016 to void Item # 3 on the agenda for the May 24, 2016 Public Hearing for the proposed rezoning of 3365 Commercial and 1695, 1707, 1733 and 1775 East 18th Avenue.

It has been nine days and we have received no response, despite your promise that you would get an answer for us.   The ‘new’ June 23, 2016 public hearing is fast approaching and we request that you provide answers well before this date. As residents of this community who expended considerable time and energy to attend and speak at the original hearing it is our view that The City has at least a moral and probably a legal obligation to provide the community an explanation why their presentations to Council have been tossed out, given that all speakers had finished speaking.

To remind you these are the questions we asked June 6, 2016:

  1. Provide to us the complete text of the legal opinion which led City staff to recommend voiding the meeting of May 24, 2016, Agenda Item # 3 instead of reconvening that meeting with the Council members who attended the May 24 meeting.
  2. Did City Council have the choice to reconvene this meeting if they chose to?
  3. If they did have the choice, then why did they choose not to do so?
  4. Why will the speakers’ comments NOT be forwarded to the ‘new’ public hearing on June 23?
  5. Please tell us specifically what policies and rationale you based your decision on to cancel the May 24, 2016 Public Hearing. It appears to be questionable if the cancellation of the public hearing was in compliance with the city’s Procedure Bylaw or with Roberts Rules of Order.

As always, thank you for your time,

Yours sincerely,

The CCAN Communications group

(Cedar Cottage Area Neighbours)

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