Letter from CCAN to Vancouver Heritage Commission (reprint)

—————–Letter from CCAN to Vancouver Heritage Commission————–

April 30, 2015

Dear Vancouver Heritage Commission members

We are sending this as an open letter.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to our concerns. We appreciate that you are very busy and that you are responsible for many projects.

We are the Cedar Cottage Area Neighbours. We are ninety-one strong and growing. We had our general CCAN meeting on April 18, 2015 and discussed the heritage component of the proposed rezoning of 3365 Commercial and 1695, 1707, 1739 and 1775 East 18th Avenue.

This is a rezoning proposal in an RS-2 one-family zone.  The rezoning proposal calls for two sub- areas.  Sub-area #1, currently addressed as 1695 E 18th Avenue, proposes a heritage building renovated to a duplex with 3 additional townhouses at the rear of this lot. This will be a total of 6,675 sq. ft. of buildable floor space.  The other sub-area #2 consists of four lots and has proposed 80,000 sq. ft. of buildable rental floor space.  Sub-area #2 currently contains the lot, 3365 Commercial Drive, where the proposed heritage house sits.

We unanimously decided that retaining this house as heritage would not benefit the neighbourhood.  We feel that by the time the house is relocated and renovated from its current one and a half storeys it would no longer maintain heritage components of any value.  We further feel that the extra density of 1.12 FSR and the additional 3 infill townhouses is excessive for this proposed heritage retention and for an RS-2 single family area. The house has a low heritage evaluation total rating of 26 points out of 100 and is classified as Group C.   We do not feel the house has enough value to be added to the Heritage Registry.

We also do not support the relocation of this house to another lot because we do not support the excessive density.  We do not support the additional building heights of the proposed heritage and townhouse buildings to two and a half and three storeys respectively.  The proposed heights and density are to high.

We request that the Heritage Commission deny the following issues at hand:

(i) Relocation of heritage building and infill development, and transitional massing; and

(ii) Conservation Plan

Yours sincerely,

Secretary, on behalf of the members of CCAN


THAT the Vancouver Heritage Commission does not support the application to relocate and rehabilitate 3365 Commercial Drive due to the relocation of the house, its new siting and its condition;

 FURTHER THAT the Commission is willing to consider a revised application that would address the position of the heritage house on the site with a reduced, more compatible infill project adjacent.


Note: The City decision was to NOT return to the Heritage Commission, but to go ahead with the relocation of the house.

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