City’s stealthy redefinition of “ground-oriented buildings” at 3365 Commercial could mean bigger buildings in many Vancouver residential areas. Action needed.

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

Words mean everything. Subtle changes in definitions used by a municipal government can have huge implications on urban design and on your personal experience of your own neighbourhood. Here is a current situation that people across Vancouver should know about and consider providing feedback to the City.

3365 Commercial streetscape 3365 Commercial streetscape as proposed if rezoning is approved, view from 18th Ave.

This is a proposal by Cressey Developments to rezone five heavily treed lots to build what is depicted above. The location is 3365 Commercial and 1695-1775 East 18th Avenue (click here for full info on rezoning application). In the process, it appears City Hall is attempting to redefine the description “ground-oriented development” to allow much bigger buildings. If the precedents in this rezoning are approved, the implications could be citywide.

Until now, the phrase “ground-oriented forms” has been understood to mean “small house/duplexes, traditional row houses, stacked townhouses, and courtyard row houses.” Obviously, what is…

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