Tenant alleges harassment by Cressey

CCAN received the following email yesterday alleging that a Cressey management company used false pretenses, claiming the need for a “preventive maintenance report” to force tenants to stay in their suites so a Cressey team could interview them. If true, we believe this constitutes an invasion of privacy and a clear abuse of their role as managers of this property. You be the judge, below is the email we received:

My husband and I just visited a male friend who lives in the Porter Building which is managed by a company called Cascadia, which is owned by Cressey.

He told us a very interesting story about a recent note that was pushed under the door of each suite in his building and the other Porter building:  1888 Victoria Diversion and 3615 Victoria Drive.

Each resident was given a Notice of Entry, which served them 24 hrs notice so that they could enter each resident’s suite to complete a “preventive maintenance report”. They all HAD to be at home between 4:00pm – 8;00pm on Wednesday May 11th to meet with staff to review preventive maintenance in the buildings.

Two individuals came to his door and the male pushed the fire alarm system to check it worked. It took two minutes. It did work, so he did not make any other moves.

The woman who came with him asked our friend to fill out a Survey which asked all kinds of questions, but seemed to be biased towards saying how good and affordable the Porter suites are.

He was suspicious and asked what this survey had to do with preventive maintenance, and who hired them to ask people to fill out the form. She finally admitted that she had been hired by Cressey to interview all the residents and get them to fill out the form.

It had nothing to do with safety, and everything to do with getting residents to state that they were satisfied with living in ” affordable housing”.  Our friend said he did not think that $1,300:00 was really affordable for the small studio suite (490 sq ft) that he lives in. He has also been asked to pay $100:00 a month for parking on top of his current rent.

Then, in the elevator in each building there is a poster from Cressey suggesting to the residents that they go to attend the meeting at City Hall on May 24th to state how good it is to live in the current Cressey building at Porter.

This is manipulation, and using the Residential Tenancy Act to pretend to review safety procedures, but was really all about gaining support for Cressey to build the next building at 18th and Commercial.

It is very important that City Hall know what is happening here.

<name withheld by request>

Update: We met a couple today in front of The Porter who told us the very same story. They were quite upset that they were being pushed into saying that their rent was “affordable” when they don’t think it is at all.


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