Letter to CCAN from local resident

I have lived in the Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood in various locations for over 30 years and for the last 6 years I have lived on Fleming Street off 18th.
One of the joys of living in this Neighbourhood is the beautiful greenery that still exists in our backyards and in our streets. A wonderful example of this is the grove of trees on the lots located on 18th and Commercial right before the Victoria Diversion. The site is filled with beautiful evergreen trees and other glorious vegetation.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
For those of us who pass by each day this is a magical sight to behold. It also cleans the air adding oxygen to an area that is having an unbelievably fast rate of development. It is getting difficult to recognize our Neighbourhood.
The following are some quotes by Park Board Manager Malcolm Bromley from an article in the Vancouver Sun on April 12th, 2014:
“A City goal to plant 150,000 more trees on Vancouver by 2020 will focus on boosting the tree population in City districts – mainly in East Van – that lag behind other communities.”
“Logic tells us that where it is sparse, we should see what we can do to thicken and increase the canopy. The first wave of planting should be to try and have some equity in tree distribution because we want everybody to enjoy the benefits of the trees.”
“We will encourage private efforts to plant trees by supporting programs that offer free or highly subsidized trees and mulch and workshops on tree canopies.”
He finishes by saying “it is hard to explain why there is such a discrepancy in the tree canopy in Vancouver.”
Counsellor Andrea Reimer adds:
“Plans for increased density are very much focused on arterial routes and there is generally not a lot of trees on private properties along arterials.”
If you want to build a laneway house and there happens to be trees where you want to put it, staff would work to preserve them as much as possible.”
So, why did City staff tell a local shopkeeper that the trees most (or all) of the trees on the site at 18th an Commercial, our beautiful canopy, would be cut down? And added that the developer, Cresey, would make a lot of money because ” the trees are worth a lot of money.”
Please speak for the trees and let the City know that according to their own mandate the trees must not be cut down!
Thanks everyone for all your efforts and hard work.

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