Treekeepers, what’s missing from this program?

This City of Vancouver initiative certainly has a “Green” looking website. Their mantra is PLANT LEARN SERVE. That’s great as far as it goes but I find a critical component to be conspicuous by its complete absence from this program. PRESERVE. I find that a little ironic given the name of the program. The City of Vancouver’ existing mature urban forest remains at the mercy of anyone who wishes to erect a building of any kind. Even the “new and improved” City of Vancouver Tree Protection By-Law states. “Effective immediately, residents can only remove trees that are dead, dying, diseased, hazardous, blocking a new building, or interfering with drainage or sewage systems.” Note that despite the obvious attempt to put a green spin on this Bylaw, property development still trumps all other considerations. This is just another example of “Selling Green” by The City of Vancouver while promoting development over everything.

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