What is wrong with this proposal?

The  City of Vancouver’s Guidelines say to build buildings such as townhouses, row  houses, and stacked townhouses so that these new buildings will transition into  the area with the existing residential houses.    We don’t mind those types of buildings but 4 or 6 storey block buildings  on East 18th just don’t fit in the area.

Here is the link to the Guidelines:  http://former.vancouver.ca/commsvcs/bylaws/bulletin/i002.pdf


1) Increase the density allowed on this site by 400%

2) Reduce the parking on the site by about 70%

3) Reduce the size of the units

4) To not pay Development Cost Levies (DCL’s) which fund child care, parks,  and social and non-profit housing in the community


 1) This is too much density; double the currently permitted density is more reasonable

2) This will create more parking and traffic problems in the area; there should be at least one parking stall in the building for each unit.

3) Mainly family units should be built, not just small units

4)  The developer should contribute to the community by paying Development Cost levies to help fund amenities in the community

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